Town Twinning with the German City of Adenau

In January 1996, the Mellieħa Local Council signed it’s first town twinning agreement with the city of Adenau. On the 12th January 1996, Mellieħa Mayor, Mr Joseph Borg, together with Adenau Mayor, Mr Bernd Schiffarth, signed the town twinning agreement in Adenau. On the 24th of May 1996, the same town twinning agreement was signed in Malta by Mellieħa Mayor, Mr Saviour Vella and Mayor of Adenau, Mr Bernd Schiffarth. The major aims of this agreement include nurturing friendly relations between the two communities and sharing culture and resources between the communities so as mutual respect and European Solidarity are enhanced. The last objective of this agreement was to always increase the prosperity and unity between European Countries and the countries around us. During these years a lot of acivities were organised between these cities and various people from mellieħa have visited Adenau during such activities.

Town Twinning Adenau


Town Twinning with Cavriglia, Italy

The second town twinning enacted by the Mellieħa local Council was that with the Italian Municipality of Cavriglia. On the 2nd of November 2007, Mellieħa Mayor, Mr John Buttigieg together with the Mayor of Cavriglia, Mr Ivano Ferri, signed the twinning agreement in Cavriglia, in the presence of the Councillors and representatives of the Mellieħa Sports Club, Għaqda Korali u Orkestrali Marija Bambina, Imperial Band Club, La Vittoria Band Club, Labour Party Mellieħa, Nationalist Party Mellieħa, Ċentru Parrokkjali, Mellieħa Basketball Team, Żiffa Group and the Rural Co-operative of Manikata. This town twinning agreement aims at helping the two communities involved to get to know each other better, increase co-operation and to help each other in tackling administrative, economic, social and cultural challenges while increasing residents’ participation.

Between the 22nd and the 26th of January 2008, a delegation from Cavriglia was in Mellieħa to witness the signing of the town twinning agreement in Mellieħa.     The signing ceremony took place at the Primary School Hall and was part of the Council Day activities.   This agreement was signed by the Mayor of Mellieħa, Mr John Buttigieg, and by the mayor of Cavriglia, Mr Ivano Ferri. The Mellieħa Local Council organised a full programme of activities for the Cavriglia delegation which included visists to the Mellieħa Primary School, the Headquarters of all organisations present in Mellieħa and other places of interest in Mellieħa and in Manikata. Other visits to Mdina and Valletta was also organised, during which the Italian delegation met with H.E. President of Malta, Dr Edward Fenech Adami.

Town Twinning Cavriglia

Town Twinning with the Cypriot Municipality of Agia Napa

On the 11th September 2009, during the official opening of Mellieħa Nights 2011, Mellieħa signed its third town twinning agreement, this time with the Cypriot municipality of Agia Napa. This town twinning will be focusing on two main issues: tourism and culture. These localities have much to offer regarding these issues and can help both countries in improving their respective tourism packages. The town twinning agreement was signed by the Mayor of Mellieħa, Mr Robert Cutajar, and the Mayor of Agia Napa, Mr Antonis Tsokkos, in the presence of the Hon. Prime Minister of Malta, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi and Mrs Gonzi, Councillors and a delgation of 24 persons from Agia Napa. H.E. Italian Ambassador Andrea Trabalza and Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Chris Said also attended for this ceremony. The signing ceremony took place at the Sanctuary Courtyard.

Town Twinning Agia Napa

On the 25th of September 2009, the town twinning agreement was also signed in Agia Napa. A delegation from the Mellieħa Local Council, headed by the Mayor, weere present for the signing ceremony together with a contingent of 125 persons  including members of the La Vittoria Band Club. The agreement was signed by the Mayor of Mellieħa, Mr Robert Cutajar, and by the Mayor of Agia Napa, Mr Antonis Tsokkos.