Mission Statement

The goal of the Council is to serve as Local Government and to administer in the locality’s public interest.


  • The values endorsed by the Mellieħa Local Council are:
  • To work for the benefit of the locality in general without discriminating between different areas.
  • To give due consideration to the hamlets under the council’s jurisdiction, which have to be similar to the consideration given to Mellieħa, which has the largest population.
  • Respect of the different opinions and political affiliations present in the locality.
  • Encourage costituents to participate in the decisions being taken by the Council by providing the necessary structures to facilitate residents’ inclusion in the decision making process.
  • Respect the work conducted by the cultural organisations present in Mellieħa and encourage them to meet their aims by all means which fall in line with the Local Councils’ Legislation. The council should never be in competition with these organisations with any initiatives undertaken.
  • Make sure that public funds allocated to the council are spent in the most effective, efficient and transperant way possible and to ensure value for money.
  • Act as spokesperson for the costituents with any Ministry, Departments and/or Government Agencies, on matters relating to the Mellieħa community.