Permits for machinery, BBQS, Camping and activities.

Camping permits are only issued for l-Aħrax tal-Madonna (Zone A), l-Aħrax tat-Tunnara (Zone B)  and l-Aħrax tar-Ramel (Zone C). 

Every year, during the hunting season, Camping Permits are only issued for Qortin it-Twil (Zone D) between: 


  • the 11th October and 9th December both days included (or nearest).


 Please note that the application will be processed within three working days, so please give ample time for the permit to be issued. If there is need of Road Closure please note that issuing of Permit depends on availability of Wardens. Kindly apply at least one month before the date of the permit.

It is important that all details are entered correctly, including the size of the machine, space to be used, (exact m2), location, date and time. The Council reserves the right to verify the information listed. Application can be refused for various reasons, in that case a refusal note will be delivered via the platform to the applicant.

Note 1: Kindly note that permits for Saturday and Sunday are to be paid by Friday at noon.

Note 2 : No online permits for camping or BBQ will be issued on Saturday

Note 3 : Same day permit requests will only be issued at the Council's discretion. 

Note 4 : Kindly note that permit requests which will be paid online need to be made at least three (3) working days prior to the date of the event.

Note 5 : Directives related to Covid-19 issued by the Superintendence for Public Health from time to time, are to be observed.

Note 6 : Permits in Aħrax tar-Ramel and Aħrax tat-Tunnara between the 30th December and 1st January (both dates included) are fully booked.

Note 7 : Kindly note that the Mellieħa Local Council office will be open between 8.00am and 12.00pm today the 31st December 2021.

Here are the instructions to apply for permits

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Validate your account
  3. Send your request
  4. Wait for an approval/refusal from the Local Council via email
  5. Once approved, log on the platform and press on "Pay Online". Payment can be done via all major credit cards.
  6. Once payment is cleared, you can download and print the permit details.

Apply Online