Distribution and assignment of responsibilities for councillors and creation of committees and sub-committees.


Mayor  – Dario Vella -  Finance, Tourism, Planning, Popular Activities, Culture and Communities

Finances / By-laws/ Popular activities/ Tourism / Coopration with voluntary organisations / Council Administrative Office / Administration and Council employees/ Complaints / Communities (Manikata / Selmun and others) / Information and Public Consultation / Member of the offer evaluation committee / Plan of work / PA Permits/ Social Media/ Projects Funded by EU Funds and Culture and Cultural Activities



Vice Mayor – John Butttigieg – Capital Projects, Infrastructure, Contracts and Twinning

Capital Projects and Insfrastructure/ Projects Manager/ Rapresentative on the Park tal-Majjistral board/ Evaluation of offers committee member / Rapresentative of the Regional Committee/ Twinning/ Contracts Manager / Property Devolution / 


Councillor – Annabelle Brincat Stellini – Education, Social Aspect, Children and the Elderly

Publications/ European Union Programmes / Jum il-Kunsill/ Children’s Day / Council Publication/ EDEN Representative / Grupp Azzjoni Majjistral Representative/ Education Programmes / Education Fora / Courses/  School / Public Library / Book Fair / School Council Programme / Cultural Outings / Development and Social Aspect/ Public Health / The Elderly and Persons with a disbility/ Women’s empowerment/ Clinic/  Cemetries / Family/ Children/ Social Accomodation.


Councillor - Rebecca Bartolo Cutajar-  Environment, Cleanliness, Cultural Heritage and Rural Affairs

Rural roads/ Outdoor recreational zones / Rubble walls/ giren/Queys/ forestation/ Cleaning campaigns/ Stairs Embellishment/ Clenliness of Urban and Rural roads/ Waste Collection/  bring in sites/ Public Convenience/ Preservation of Cultural Heritage/ Selmun Heritage Trail/ Festa Ambjent


Councillor - Kurt Buttigieg- Youths, Sports and Physical Activities

International relations and youth programmes/ Youths/ Use of Sports Facilities / Physical and Sports activities.


Councillor – Marvin Abela – Animal Welfare and Commercial Community

Animal welfare / Commercial Community / Industrial garages.


Councillor – Gabriel Micallef – Social Integration and Coastal Zones

Social Integration /Access and Security in the Bays/ Shore cleanliness / caravan zones and kamping / Information Technology / Abandoned Vehicles/ Immigrants


Councillor – Emvin Bartolo – Community Policing and Traffic and Public Safety

Public Transport / Traffic Management / Advertising on street signs / Community Policing / Police related material / Activity Permits / Committee member on offers evaluation / religous feasts coordination / law enforcement



Councillor – Joe Gauci – Innovation and Essential Services

Innovation / wi-fi services/ electrical services/ water/ drainage/ naming of Roads and door numbering