To apply for a permit kindly fill-in the form below with the appropriate details for the event in question. It is important to note that permits can only be issued within one month prior to the date of the activity, so please allow ample time before the actual event. 

Permits will not be issued unless all details are entered in full. Applications bearing incorrect information will be discarded without any notice. Please note that only Gas BBQs are allowed at Ghadira Bay and Golden Bay. BBQs ARE TO START AFTER 6PM.

According to Bye-laws 37/02/2017 regarding Outdoor Activities in the locality of Mellieħa (Mellieħa Local Council) these are the fees that need to be paid daily or part of for a permit to be issued under these bye-laws:

0 - 15 persons :      Eur 5 (daily / part of)

15 - 50 persons :    Eur 10 (daily / part of)

50 - 100 persons :  Eur 15 (daily / part of)

over 100 persons :  Eur 50 (daily / part of)


When an activity is organised by a Volontary Organisation as described in the Volontary Organisation Act the payment will be NIL. Kindly provide us with the Voluntary Organisation number in the application form.

Note 1 : No online permits for camping or BBQ will be issued on Saturday

Note 2 : Same day permit requests will only be issued at the Council's discretion. 

Note 3 : Kindly note that permit requests which will be paid online need to be made at least three (3) working days prior to the date of the event.

Note 4 : As the Health Authorities will be releasing further measures related to Covid-19, including that involving groups of 75 persons, the Council has unanimously agreed that camping and barbecue permits will be issued with respect to such type of activities taking place after the 30th June 2020.


Application Form: BBQ Permit

Kindly indicate if you are a voluntary organisation by ticking this option and by indicating your voluntary organisation number.