Beyond the geographic, historic and cultural treasures, I found a united community in Mellieha, very welcoming people that beyond the official clothes, showed kindness and availability. I take this opportunity to thank the Mellieha Local Council and the entire community for their hospitality, making our stay there to be a memorable one. I express the wish that the cooperation we gained in these three projects to be the beginning of a strong friendship, knowledge and mutual respect. Therefore, I invite the Mellieha Local Council to join our traditional events that we organize in our town with the purpose to connect the citizens of our cities, beyond the national, cultural and historical diversity.

Teban Adrian

Ovidiu - Mayor

Several representatives from Town of Cugir had the opportunity to visit Mellieha and the Mellieha Local Council several times during the activities of three European projects, "Terra Mirabilis - Environmental and territorial protection", "YOUNG@HEART", "Bringing the EU closer to the Local Communities". We strongly believe that these projects reached their goals to bring together citizens from different European countries with different experiences and ideas to be exposed in a common place. Every time we were there it was very easy to establish connections with other delegates and especially with Maltese organisers and participants in the projects. I think there is no need of praise for Mellieha’s landscapes, because the award as European destination of excellence" says it all. We had several thematic visits to principal objectives in Mellieha and every time it was a pleasure to discover new things about Maltese history, music, tourism, citizens or environment. Taking into consideration the good relation that we have established during these three projects, last year a delegation from Mellieha Local Council participated to our local festival "Toamna Cugireana" which was again a nice opportunity to bring together two different communities that have at least one common quality: the hospitability.

Stoian Ana-Maria

Representative from Town of Cugir


Mellieha is famous for its beaches,  its cuisine and its beauty. 

In the heart of Mediterranean sea, lies the Maltese town studded with beaches, quiet areas, nice restaurants and hotels and also good sport facilities.
I had the opportunity to stay there for a European Town Twinning Conference about a year ago. These days where dedicated to foster biodiversity and territorial protection in all  EU. I loved Mellieha and its fantastic welcoming people!
Gabriella Bigatti

Project Manager eConsulenza Agency (Italy)