The Mellieħa Local Council, with the help of the Malta EU Steering Action Committee (MEUSAC)has applied for European Funds so as to organise an EU project under the 'Europe for Citizens Programme, Strand 2 Measure 2.2 Network of Twinned Towns' The project entitled 'Small Markets at the Heart of the European Economy' was selected amongst hundreds of other submissions. In fact the Council's project placed in the 9th place amongst all the projects submitted.

During these last 2 years the Mellieħa Council had two European projects that placed amongst the top 10. In fact another project entitled Bringing the EU Closer to the Local Communities also finished amongst the top ten and was successfully enacted in 2014. This project is also being considered as best practice regarding EU funds.

The new project will be enacted with the help of 10 European partners hailing from German, Italy, Romania, Latvia and Poland, The total budget for this project will be of € 150,000 and the Mellieħa Local Council has full responsibility of this budget. The first conference will be held in Malta between the 8th and 11th November 2016 with over 80 foreign delegates attending. As such the Council will be getting over high level visitors to help in a period considered to be a low season and is also promoting Mellieha amongst fellow EU localities.

Besides the conference scheduled for December, the project also includes other four conference which will be held in Italy (2 conferences) Latvia and Romania. The theme of all five conferences is small enterprises within the EU economy. Any person interested to attend one of these conferences is requested to register his/her interest at the Council's office.

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