Traffic Arrangements during the Mellieħa Feast

Date: Monday 4th September 2017 from 21:00hrs to 22:30hrs.
Date: Tuesday 5th September 2017 from 20:00hrs to 21:30hrs. 
Date: Wednesday 6th September 2017 from 20:00hrs to 22:00hrs. 
Date: Thursday 7th September 2017 from 17:00hrs – Onwards. 
Date: Friday 8th September 2017 from 09:30hrs - Onwards.
Diversion: Route buses coming from XEMXIJA going towards CIRKEWWA will be serving the BELLEVIEW INTERCHANGE, then they will divert  through TA PENNELLU BY-PASS straight down to GHADIRA BAY without serving MELLIEHA CENTRE.
The same diversion applies for the return journeys. The roads marked blue are the roads used for the diversion. The roads marked black will not be served.
The Mellieha Interchange will be used as a temporary bus stop for both directions.
Bus Stops not being served are:
Direction to Ghadira Bay:    Direction to St Paul’s Bay: 
0973 Pittiross                         1000 Tunnara
0974 Bragg                             1001 Luna
0975 Etna                               1002 Niklaw
0976 Snajjin                           5003 Adenau
0977 Adenau                         5031 Etna
0978 Niklaw                           2107 Pittiross       
0979 Luna        
0980 Tunnara