Traffic Diversions at Manikata

The Mellieħa Local Council notifies that the Water Services Corporation will be resuming works in Triq il-Manikata, along the stretch between Trejqet il-Ħarrub and Triq il-Biedja, with effect from Monday 16th January 2023.

For this reason, traffic proceeding from Mġarr towards Manikata shall pass through Triq il-Kappella tal Militar, Trejqet il-Harrub, and Triq il-Mejjiesa. Traffic proceeding from the direction of Mellieħa towards Manikata shall pass through Triq il-Knisja l-Qadima and exit from Triq il-Biedja.

Since the closure of this part of Triq il-Manikata affects Route Bus Service No. 44, there will be a minibus shuttle every 30 minutes, from 6:30am to 10:00pm, which will pass through these streets:

Triq in-Naħħalija

Triq il-Kappella tal-Militar

Triq il-Wilġa

Trejqet il-Ħarrub

Triq il-Mejjiesa

Triq il-Knija l-Qadima

Triq il-Biejda

Triq Għajn Tuffieħa

The Council is informed that the works in Triq il-Manikata are taking longer than expected in view excavation is being monitored by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. Every effort is being made to reduce inconveniences while these works are ongoing.