KNOTS Conference


The Fifth International Meeting of the KNOTS! - Knowledge, not Skepticism! Project, funded under the Europe for Citizens Program, was held from October 11th to October 14st in Deryneia (Cyprus). The general themes were Euroscepticism and Counternarratives for a tighter-knith Europe. KNOTS! is a Network of Towns project which started in February 2018 and four International Workshops have already been held in different European cities: Castiglione in Teverina (IT), Vila Nova de Cerveira (PT), Ivančna Gorica (SI) and Herrera Del Duque (ES). The common theme of all these meetings has been the education for the correct use of the media and the contrast to fake news, while at the same time spreading the knowledge of the functioning and institutions of the European Union to citizens, encouraging the understanding of the European Policy-making process and EU policies in key areas such as social, education, migration and the economy. Participants come from the Leading Municipality of Répáshuta, the Municipalities of Bükkszentkereszt (Hungary), Castiglione in Teverina (Italy), Herrera Del Duque (Spain), Wieliszew (Poland), Mellieħa (Malta), the civil society organizations Balkanu Zieds (Latvia) and Development Center of Vojvodina (Serbia) and the Municipality of Panevėžys (Lithuania) - as guest attended the meeting, for a total of 9 European countries togheter with the hosting Municipality of Deryneia (Cyprus). The Municipality of Répáshuta is assisted in the management and coordination of the KNOTS Project by the Italian ACe20 Agency of Orte. The delegation from the Mellieħa Local Council was made up of Vice-Mayor Mr. John Buttigieg, Councillor Mr. Ivan Castillo and staff member Ms. Doriette Fenech Gambin.