Dance4all at the Mellieħa Day Centre

Well done to all the senior citizens that participated in this initiative! Thanks to the Department for the Elderly and the Community Care within the Ministry for the Family and Social Soldiartiy, ZfinMalta and the Mellieħa Local Council, these outreach sessions were held at the Mellieħa Active Ageing Centre.  The project for this year is funded by Valletta 2018 foundation. Zfin Malta is the national dance company funded by the government and part of their remit is to reach out to the communities beyond the theatre. This project, Dance4All, is exactly that. Senior citizens attending the Mellieħa day centre took part in a 3 day residency which was based more on movement and on a shared experience where the participants were involved in task-based workshops. They were guided by ZfinMalta dancers through movement. At the end of the 3 days, the dancers helped the participants devise a short 'dance' from the material that they created and they performed the dance in front of the residents at the Home for the Elderly 'Dar il-Madonna tal-Mellieħa'