Distribution and assignment of responsibilities for councillors and creation of committees and sub-committees.

John Buttigieg - Mayor John Buttigieg – Mayor

Finance, Infrastructure and Planning

Finance, Bye-Laws, Cooperation with local societies and organisations Adjudication Board, estimates and action plan, Contracts Manager, Council’s Administrative Office, handling of complaints, Quality Service Charter, capital projects, Majjistral Action Group, Majjistral Nature & History Park, Malta Environment & Planning Authority
Clayton Bartolo – Viċi Sindku Clayton Bartolo – vice Mayor (from 1st April 2013 - 21st June 2017)

Popular Activities and Public Relations

Popular activities, European Union programmes, information and public consultation, Mill-Qiegħa magazine, Council Day, public relations with local societies and organisations, community of foreign residents, substitute member on the Regional Committee, member in the Tender Adjudication Board.
Dario Vella Dario Vella - vice Mayor (3rd July 2017 - )

Rural Affairs, Environment and Heritage

Rural roads, countryside recreational zones, rubble walls, wind mills, giren, piers, slipways, environment, forestation, Foresta 2000, cleaning campaigns, embellishment of stairs, cleaning of non-urban roads, domestic waste, bulky refuse, public toilets, abandoned vehicles, bring-in sites, animal protection, Tunnara project, restoration of historical places, Selmun and Imġiebaħ Heritage Trail, alternative energy, shelters, agricultural tools Museum, fishing and traditional crafts.
Annabelle Brincat Stellini – Kunsilliera Annabelle Brincat Stellini – Councillor

Education and Culture

Educational programmes, educational forums, school, community hall, public library, Book Fair, learning courses, twinnings, Wi-Fi internet service, Avventura Sajf (together with councillor H. Fenech); Ħannieqa Kulturali publications, u cultural activities.
Emvin Bartolo – Kunsilliera Emvin Bartolo – Councillor

Traffic and Community Order and Protection

Public transport, bus stops, bus shelters, traffic signs, crash barriers, parking and parking schemes, traffic management, advertising on traffic furniture, neighbourhood watch, Police and Police Station, permits and Local Wardens, council member on Regional Committee, law enforcement, Coordination il-Festa tal-Vitorja, and member on the Tender Adjudication Board.
Hilary Fenech Hilary Fenech - Councillor

Youths and Sports

International relations and Youth Programmes, Youths, Avventura Sajf (together with councillor A. Brincat Stellini), use of sports facilities, sports activities and Animal Fest.
Patrick Cutajar Patrick Cutajar - Councillor

Commerce, Tourism and Information Technology

Commercial community, self-employed, industrial areas, tourism, beach and coast cleaning, security and access on beaches, areas for camping and caravans, infrastructural projects financed by the European Union.
Joseph Gauci Joseph Gauci - Councillor

Public Entities

Water Services Corporation, Enemalta Corporation; GO plc, Melita Cable, road naming and house numbering, devolution requests, public gardens, playing fields, belveders, and embellishment of the locality.
Joseph M. Attard Joseph M. Attard - Councillor

Social Solidarity

Cultural outings for the elderly, development and social assistance, public health, senior citizens, persons with disability, advancement of women, accessibility, special parking, Home for the Elderly, Day Centre, Clinic, cemeteries, security measures, family, children and child care centre.