To apply for a permit kindly fill-in the form below with the appropriate details for the event in question. It is important to note that permits can only be issued within one month prior to the date of the activity, so please allow ample time before the actual event. Above you have a link with all the available areas.

Permits will not be issued unless all details are entered in full. Applications bearing incorrect information will be discarded without any notice.

Note 1 : During the period when the hunting season is closed no permits will be considered in the Qortin it-Twil zone.

Note 2 : During the hunting season between the 25th March and 14th April, both days included, camping is only allowed at Qortin it-Twil.

Note 3 : Between the 31st March till the 2nd April camping at Qortin it-Twil is fully booked.

Application Form: Outside Activity Permit